. . . They (the Bereans) received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.  Act 17:11

Lovers of the Truth

God’s Truth v Man’s Tradition

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Broadcasts Recordings of the ‘Showers of Blessing’ Radio Broadcasts
A selection of Gospel Audio Messages
Literature Enlightening reading on topical subjects
Study Notes on ‘The Kingdom and the Church’
Some commonly misunderstood texts explained
MTCONTENT Literature 12.03.17 Radio Broadcast -  “Four Facts About God”
09.04.17 Radio Broadcast -  “Thie Preaching of the Cross”
08. 06.17 Radio Broadcast -  “The Atonement”
26.02.17 Gospel Message -  “How Can We Know the Way?”
02.05.17 Gospel Message -  “We Preach Christ Crucified”
25.06.17 Radio Broadcast -  “The Salvation of God - to the Jew First”
06.08.17 Radio Broadcast -  “Zacchaeus”